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(ILS) is a specialized source for public libraries, university schools, and research scholars for India-related books, magazines, research documents, multi-media (dvds and cds) and other learning materials. We  research and import materials from India's top ranking publishers and offer those to our global clientele at very competitive prices. With growing popularity of dvds and other audio-visual aids we have developed exclusive relationships with India's top producers. Our offerings of subjects listed under Visual Encyclopedia of India, Discovery of India and other mythological tv serials are the example of the length we go to help our U.S. and global clientele to get India's best learning materials - not just whatever is published as most other distributors do.



Mitti Mussulman ki
Collection of Punjabi short stories by Kartar Singh Duggal / translated by Madhumeet. 2006 


Selections from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib text in Gurmukhi & roman and translation in Punjabi & English / translated by Piara Singh Sandhu.


Religion, rites and rituals puranic and modern perspective / Rameshwari Devi. 2006


Encyclopaedia of Religion / Adeep Sen. 2006


Tantrik Text
By Avalon, Arthur, Vidyaratna, Taranatha
This work is a multi-volume. 13 volumes received so far are described below. 
1 (Tantrabhidhana with vija-nighantu and mudra-nighantu)
 (Shatchakranirupana and padukapanchaka)
 v. 3 (Kulachudamani tantra)
 v. 4 (Kularnava tantra)
 v. 5 (Kalivilasa tantra)
 v. 6 (Tantraraja tantra)
 v. 7 (Karapuradistotra)
 v. 8 (Tantraraja tantra)
 v. 9 (Mahanirvana tantra)
 v.12 (Prapanchasaratantram)
 v. 10 (Sharadatilakatantram)
 v. 11 (Sharadatilakatantram)
 v. 13 (Prapanchasaratantram)


  The Mahabharata in Kathakali dance drama / translated by David Bolland ; edited by N.K. Singh. 2006




Bharat Ek Khoj (Hindi for "Discovery of India) is a 54 Episode, 26 Volumes TV series that dramatically unfolds the 5000 year history of India. It is a series of explorations into the different periods of India history; political; social; cultural. A highly educational and entertaining tv serial - a must for students and researchers of history, indology, Hindu religion and customs. Must be owned by all public and university libraries. Click here for synopsis of each episode. Just released on DVD.
$850 now at $450 only.
HANUMAN* 4-in-1 Value Pack with dialogues in Hindi and English with English subtitles. India's First 2-D Animation Film
Hanuman - an extraordinary film, which involved many man-hours to make, revolves around the extraordinary feats f the 'monkey-god'. Hanuman is incarnation of Lord Shiva, born with the sole purpose of assisting Lord Rama in his crusade to fight evil on earth. Blessed by gods with supernatural powers, unbelievable strength, and sharp intelligence, Hanuman helps Lord Rama rescue his wife from the clutches of the demon King Ravana. . This 4-in-1 Value Pack contains One DVD, One Audio CD, One Booklet of Hanuman Chalisa in English, and a special storybook for children. An ideal new year gift for children of all ages.
FANNA* - destroyed in love... (COLLECTOR'S DOUBLE DVD PACK)
Optional subtitles in 12 languages-
Starromg" Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Kirron Kher, Tabu, Roshan Shiny Ahuja, Gautami Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Abhishek Bachchan, Shruti Seth, Sharat Saxena, Lilette Dubey, Jaspal Bhatti, Vrajesh Hirjee, Master Ali Haji, Sanaya Irani