Speaking - Module 2
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The Syntax

Affirmative Singular, Plural, and Negative Sentences

This is a book. (yeh kitab hai.)
These are books. (ye kitaben hain.)

(Note: You must form a correct sentence by checking one radial button in each section and then click "Translate" button to see the correct Hindi translation.

This These

is are is not are not

a book books a dog dogs

a flower flowers a bullock cart

an airplane a car

a temple

Here are some pre-formed questions (Are these your clothes?) and answers (Yes, these are my clothes). As in English, answers in Hindi could be short (Yes/(No)) or complete (Yes/(no), these are/(not) my clothes). Just click on each sentence to see its Hindi translation in a new window.

Are these your clothes? Yes, these are my clothes.
Is your room clean? No, my room is not clean.
Is this watch/(flight) fast/(slow) (ahead/behind)? Yes, it is about 10 minute ahead (behind).
Are banks/offices closed today? No, they close on Sundays only.


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